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There Are Some Troubles Dat Is Inevitable In Life.We Have No Choice cause We Would Face It.Some Might Be Different Nd Some It May Be D Same But Out Of All Of It We Can't Tell When It Will Happen Nd What Exactly D Trouble Will Be Or Come In Form Of.So Brethern Be Sober,Watchful Nd Vigilant cause D Devil Will Never Leave Any Human Being Be It Female Or Male.But Jesus Said We Should "Be Joyful Because He Has Overcome D World".Now Inorder For Us To Walk Or Pass Through This Troubles Or Difficulty Without It Overcoming Us,We Need 2 Be Patient In All Things Cos "Disappointment Might Be Gods Way Of Solving ur Problem" Nd Also We Need 2 Be Contended In All What We Need When We Dont Even Have Them Yet Nd Talk To D Father Instead Of Lamenting,Moreover We Should Now Neglect Nd Abandon All Our Wants Nd Worldly Riches So Dat We Would Not Be Blinded By Them Nd Become A Obstacle For Us.Finally We Need 2 Be Extremely Carefully In All Things In Words,Action,Activities Nd So On.By Dis Things We Will Overcome D Troubles In Life

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